Cisco Service Provider Voice


PSTN 2200 Gateway Basics

United Arab Emirates:
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Duration: 5 Days

Who should attend

  • Service Providers implementing Cisco PGW2200 solution
  • Telecoms looking for Class IV switch able to translate SS7 to VoIP protocols
  • Enterprises eager to consolidate their disparate voice equipment
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  • Telephony fundamentals
  • UNIX basics
  • Cisco IOS essentia
Course Objectives

After finishing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe class IV services as part of telephony network
  • Differentiate the call control vs signaling PGW2200 solutions
  • Explain functions of the PGW2200 software components
  • Identify and describe the PGW2200 hardware components
  • Provision the PGW2200 using GUI - Voice Services Provisioning Tool (VSPT)
  • Introduction to the Man Machine Language (MML)
  • Describe and provision the Cisco SLT using Cisco IOS
  • Provision different Media Gateways (like C28xx or AS5xxx or MGX)
  • Provision Number Analysis (Dial Plans)
  • Provision the HSI component
  • Explain role of SIP component as integral part of PGW solution
  • Identify and describe CDRs and billing service as part of PGW solution
  • Overview of basic GUI tools
Course Content
  • Introduction to the SS7 networks
  • Overview and position of PGW2200 in SS7 networks
  • VoIP Packet Transit Overview
  • Introduction to VSPT
  • Setting up the XECfgParm.dat file
  • Provisioning the PGW2200 for SS7 Signaling
  • Provisioning External Nodes - SLT
  • Provisioning External Nodes - Media Gateways
  • Provisioning FAS (Facility Associated Signalling) and NFAS (Non Facility Associated Signalling)
  • Provisioning Trunks and Routes
  • Provisioning Dial Plans
  • Provisioning the H.323 Signaling Interface (HSI)
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Provisioning for Data Termination
  • Using built-in tools for monitoring, billing and troubleshooting
Further information

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