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Storage Networking Principles

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Duration: 4 Days

Who should attend

Engineers and professionals related to Storage, Storage Networking & Data Centers.

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Basic understanding of storage media and computer networks.

Course Content

This course is a 4-day ILT training program designed for engineers who need to fully understand the storage networking concepts and solutions in order to be able to design, build and optimize storage networks based on technologies like FC, iSCSI and FCoE.

The course takes the participant from the simple disk/tape models all the way to state-of–the-art storage technologies such as storage pooling, virtualization and unified fabric design.

Course Objectives
  • Identify the different storage media and different SAN protocols in addition to NAS protocols such as CIFS and NFS.
  • Identify Disks and their different types such as FC/SATA/SAS in addition to Tape libraries, VTLs and how they could be used and connected in a SAN environment.
  • Identify SAN management solutions and how they can be integrated together to form a proactive management infrastructure for a SAN.
  • Describe different SAN challenges and limitations.
  • Identifying SAN virtualization elements, layers and techniques.
  • Identifying IP SANs and different protocols as iSCSI/FCIP/iFCP.
  • Unified fabric technology and FCoE overview.
Course Outline

Module 1: Storage Networks Overview
Module 2: Network Storage Primer
Module 3: Storage Devices
Module 4: SAN Solutions
Module 5: SAN Management
Module 6: Challenges for Network Storage Professionals
Module 7: Storage Virtualization
Module 8: IP SANs
Module 9: Fibre Channel over Ethernet

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