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Configuring Routers for IS-IS

Duration: 3 Days

Who Should Attend

System and support engineers who are preparing to deploy, implement and maintain OSI routing services using IS-IS, and design and implement Integrated IS-IS IP in complex network scenarios.

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Experience in designing and deploying IS-IS based OSI solutions and Integrated IS-IS based solutions.

Course Objectives

The course moves from an overview of IS-IS technology, its structures and protocols as well as configuration examples to in-depth information on Integrated IS-IS. After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Describe the principles, concepts and data structures of link-state routing protocols
  • List the prerequisites for the implementation of the IS-IS routing model in a network
  • List the types of IS-IS routers and determine their positions in the network
  • Realize the principle of area routing
  • Explain the purpose of Integrated IS-IS
  • Configure, monitor and troubleshoot a simple IS-IS network
  • Explain the specifics of switched WAN networks that can influence IS-IS deployment and operation
  • Differentiate IS-IS NBMA modeling solutions in switched WAN networks
  • Optimize flooding of IS-IS updates in switched WAN networks
  • Understand the deployment issues of Integrated IS-IS
  • Design and implement integrated IS-IS in real and differing networking environments
Course Content
  • Introductory Chapter
  • Overview of IS-IS Technologies, Structures and Protocols
  • In-Depth Details of Integrated IS-IS
  • IS-IS Deployment in Different WAN Environments
  • Intregrated IS-IS Routing Designs
  • IS-IS Lab Exercises
Further information

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