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Cisco Building Business Specialist Skills

Duration: 3 Days

Who Should Attend:

IT Professionals reporting to a Central IT / CIO organization or Line of Business (LoB):

  • Cisco Customers (current and future prospects)
  • Cisco Channel Partners
  • Cisco Employees
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Pre-Learning - Recommended: Prior to attending, participants should have equivalent knowledge or certifications as described below:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business analysis principles and techniques.
  • Individuals who have earned the BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis or equivalent, should be well-prepared to attend the BTBBSS course
Course content

Executives rely on IT to drive business outcomes, through staff within a central IT group or Line of Business. Most C-level leaders cite ‘business transformation and organization change’ as the #1 issue that needs more attention.

This course provides individuals with business-related knowledge and skills to create higher IT value. Attendees can then improve business effectiveness, grow revenue through new products or markets and improve IT–business understanding.

Participants learn techniques to understand business operating models, quantify the financial impact of IT decisions, accelerate technology adoption plus translate across IT and non-IT terminology. Attendees create real-world, useful outputs through exercises and by using best-practice templates. IT professionals recognize the need to adapt: 90% say their future success relies on stronger business skills. “Building Business Specialist Skills” training enables these key abilities and helps attendees advance their career.

The course is based on 45-60 minute topics. This flexibility allows participants to acquire skills in a flexible, modular fashion over several weeks or through a focused, 2.5 day experience.

The course also prepares professionals to take the Cisco Building Business Specialist Skills exam (#820-427). A passing score on this exam is a requirement for earning the Cisco Enterprise IT Business Specialist Certification.

Course Outline

Day One

  • Module 1: Business Transformation
  • Module 2: Technology Trends and Their Impact on Business
  • Module 3: Understanding the Business Context

Day Two

  • Module 4: Conducting Business Analysis for Value
  • Module 5: Financial Considerations of Technology Solutions

Day Three

  • Module 6: Managing Technology Solution Implementation and Adoption
  • Module 7: Communication and Influence
Further information

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