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Cisco Identity Services Engine Power Workshop

United Arab Emirates:
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Duration: 5 Days

Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Field engineers, network administrators, and consulting systems engineers who implement and maintain the Cisco ISE in enterprise networks.
  • Security architects, design engineers, network designers who work in security and manage corporate security policies.
  • CCNA Security certified engineers.
  • Candidates seeking the new CCNP Security certification.
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The knowledge that a learner should have before attending this course is as follows:

  • CNA or equivalent level of experience with Cisco infrastructures. The Course Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 (ICND2) provides the prerequisite knowledge.
  • CCNA Security or equivalent level of experience with Cisco Security solutions. The course Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS) provides the prerequisite knowledge.
  • CCNA Wireless or equivalent level of experience with Cisco Wireless solutions.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Basic Familiarity with 802.1X.
Course Content

The ISE PW (Cisco Identity Services Engine Power Workshop) is a five-day highly-intensive instructor-led course that covers all that you will need to learn about the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) version 1.2 and its deployment in a Cisco security solution for access control. The Power Workshop combines all topics from the different Cisco courses on ISE and is our latest offering for a complete all-in-1 course.The learners will dive into the detailed architecture of the ISE and its different deployments. They will build the solution by implementing authentication and then extending the system with the authorization, guest services, Cisco TrustSec, posture, and profiling components. The most fundamental concepts include the authentication methods, such as 802.1X, Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), and Web authentication (WebAuth). The course includes combining ISE with the Cisco Wireless solution, and extending the solution with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend as well as integrating with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. The course ends with Administration, Maintenance, Reporting, Monitoring and Troubleshooting on the Cisco ISE.Knowledge is reinforced by hands-on lab exercises all throughout. 

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Describe Cisco ISE architecture, installation, and distributed deployment options.
  • Configure Network Access Devices, Policy Components and Authentication and Authorization Policies in Cisco ISE.
  • Implement Cisco ISE web authentication and guest services.
  • Deploy Cisco ISE profiling and posture service.
  • Create a BYOD policy & policy flows using profiling capabilities & implementing NSP with them.
  • Integrate MDM with Cisco ISE, with on-boarding and posturing configuration.
  • Perform ISE administration, monitoring and troubleshooting.
Course Outline

Module 1: Cisco ISE Product Overview

  • Lesson 1: Introducing the Cisco ISE
  • Lesson 2: Getting Started with Cisco ISE
  • Lesson 3: Describing the Cisco ISE Architecture

Module 2: Cisco ISE Authentication

  • Lesson 1: 802.1X and EAP
  • Lesson 2: Configuring Basic Authentication
  • Lesson 3: Understanding External Authentication
  • Lesson 4: Using Cisco ISE Dictionaries
  • Lesson 5: Certificate-Based User Authentication

Module 3: Cisco ISE Authorization

  • Lesson 1: Configuring Authorization
  • Lesson 2: Cisco TrustSec and MACsec

Module 4: Web Authentication and Guest Access

  • Lesson 1: Deploying Web Authentication
  • Lesson 2: Deploying Guest Services

Module 5: Cisco ISE Profiler & Posture Services

  • Lesson 1: Deploying Profiler Service
  • Lesson 2: Deploying Posture Service

Module 6: BYOD & MDM

  • Lesson 1: Implementing BYOD
  • Lesson 2: Integrating Mobile Device Management

Module 7: Maintenance, Monitoring & Troubleshooting

  • Lesson 1: Performing Cisco ISE Administration and Maintenance
  • Lesson 2: Using Cisco ISE Reporting & Monitoring
  • Lesson 3: Troubleshooting Access Control
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