Secure DNS


Secure DNS Configuration & Administration Focus Course

United Arab Emirates:
USD 2,700.00 excl. VAT

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend:

This is a comprehensive course for team members responsible for implementation, administration, operations, or maintenance of the Infoblox Secure DNS products


Attendees should have completed: 

  • Core DDI Configuration & Administration (CDCA) Super Course 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Introduction free e-learning

Course Description

Learn how to secure your DNS infrastructure and protect your network from malicious attacks with Infoblox Secure DNS capabilities including DNSSEC zone signing and validation and on-premise DNS Firewall with Active Trust feeds, TIDE, Dossier, Advanced DNS Protection, and Threat Insight. Discover how to leverage the Infoblox Reporting & Analytics module to gain greater visibility into your DNS security activities and threats

Course Outline

Day 1

  • DNS Firewall Overview 
  • Configuring Active Trust Feeds 
  • Configuring Local RPZs and Rules 
  • Dashboards & Reporting 
  • Threat research with TIDE and Dossier 

Day 2 

  • Threat Insight Overview 
  • Configure Threat Insight Analytics 
  • Custom Whitelists 
  • Review Security 
  • Reports/Dashboards 
  • Review New Threat RPZ Entries 

Day 3

  • ADP Overview 
  • ADP Architecture 
  • Configuring ADP 
  • Attack Overview 
  • Attack Simulation 
  • Blacklists and Whitelists 
  • Building Reports 
  • Identifying Attacks 
  • Updating Profiles, Rules And Rulesets
Further information

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