VMware vCenter


VMware vCenter Configuration Manager for Virtual Infrastructure and OS Management

United Arab Emirates:
USD 3,450.00 excl. VAT

Duration: 5 Days

Who should attend:

  • Virtual infrastructure administrator
  • IT managers
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  • Experience in performing basic administration tasks on VMware vSphere® ESXi™ hosts, VMware® vCenter Server™, VMware vCloud® Director™, VMware® vShield™, and virtual machines
  • System administration experience in a Windows, Linux, or Solaris environment
Course Content

This hands-on training course builds your skills with VMware® vCenter Configuration Manager™ (VCM). It will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to install and configure VCM, navigate the user interface, manage compliance, and perform administrative and configuration tasks against your physical and virtual infrastructure. You will learn how to manage Active Directory (AD), create and use compliance templates, use VCM for patching, deploy operating systems and Windows software applications, and use VCM tools to download, import, and export compliance templates, and view and collect debug information.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand the position of VCM in the VMware management solution set
  • Recognize the role of VCM in enterprise configuration and change and compliance management
  • Use the VCM console to configure VCM for management of
    VMware vSphere® systems
  • Use the VCM console to configure VCM for physical and guest operating system management
  • Navigate the VCM console
  • Collect data from vSphere systems from the VCM console
  • Manage vSphere system compliance with VCM
  • Generate reports in VCM
  • Create custom reports in the VCM console
  • Perform VCM administration tasks to manage VCM setup and collection of data, user access, VCM jobs, and alerts
  • Discuss the installation options for VCM and perform a basic VCM installation
  • Use VCM Patching to patch physical and guest operating systems
  • Configure and use an operating system provisioning server to provision Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Provision software applications on Windows machines
Course Outline
  • Course Introduction
  • Configuration, Compliance and Change Management
  • Components and Processes
  • Configuration for Virtual Infrastructure Systems
  • Basic Administration and Machines Manager
  • Using the Upper Console
  • Using the Upper Console on Physical and Guest OS Machines
  • Using the Lower Console on Physical and Guest OS Machines
  • VMware vSphere System Compliance Management
  • Active Directory Management
  • Working with Reports
  • Basic Settings and Configuration
  • Basic Settings and Configuration on Physical and Guest OS Machines
  • Creating Collection Filters
  • User and Role Management
  • Job Management
  • Alert Management
  • Patching for Physical and Guest OS Machines
  • Operating System Provisioning
  • Software Provisioning
  • Using the Content Wizard
  • Using the Import/Export Utility
  • Using the Debug Event Viewer
  • Installing VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
Further information

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