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Designing the FlexPod Solution

United Arab Emirates
1.440,00 USD excl. VAT
24,00 NTU excl. VAT
1.440,00 USD excl. VAT
24,00 NTU excl. VAT
Duration: 2 Days

Who should attend

This course is designed for channel partners, customer network engineers, and administrators whose interest is focused around designing a scalable infrastructure with the FlexPod

Date Country Location Language Register
22-05-2018 - 26-05-2018 AEDubaiEnglishRegister
05-08-2018 - 06-08-2018 AEDubaiEnglishRegister
04-11-2018 - 05-11-2018 AEDubaiEnglishRegister
International dates
Middle East
Date Country Location Language Register
29-07-2018 - 30-07-2018 SARiyadhEnglishRegister
21-10-2018 - 22-10-2018 SARiyadhEnglishRegister
Date Country Location Language Register
27-08-2018 - 28-08-2018 ZACapetownEnglishRegister
27-08-2018 - 28-08-2018 ZAJohannesburgEnglishRegister
Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the data center architecture and identify FlexPod architecture components 
  • Identify and configure FlexPod networking components 
  • Describe and configure FlexPod storage with clustered data ONTAP
  • Identify and configure the Cisco UCS compute components of FlexPod
  • Identify FlexPod management and troubleshooting tools
Course Content

The Designing the FlexPod Solution is a 2-day instructor led course where you will learn to evaluate the FlexPod solution design process with regard to contemporary data center challenges. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the reconnaissance and analytics assess computing solutions performance characteristics and requirements. In addition, this course will describe the hardware components of the FlexPod and the process for selecting proper hardware for a given set of requirements

Further information

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