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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

United Arab Emirates
3.120,00 USD
3.120,00 USD
Duration: 4 Days

Who Should Attend:

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting course is aimed at senior system administrators who wish to learn more about troubleshooting

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01-04-2018 - 04-04-2018 AEDubaiEnglishRegister

Red Hat recommends these prerequisites:

  • Have earned a Red hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) or have similar experience 
  • It is recommend that students have earned a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) or have similar experience

Course Content

Students will learn how to apply scientific method to a structured form of troubleshooting. This approach is then used troubleshooting various types of problems, including boot issues, hardware issues, storage issues, RPM issues, network issues, third-party application issues, security issues, and kernel issues. At the end of the course students can complete various comprehensive review labs to test their skill.

Course Objectives

Upon completing the RH342 course, you will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Describe a generalized strategy for troubleshooting
  • Prevents small issues from becoming large problems by employing proactive system administration techniques 
  • Identify and resolve issues that can affect a system's ability to boot
  • Identify hardware problems that can affect a system's ability to operate
  • Identify and fix issues related to storage 
  • Identify and fix problems in, and using, the package management subsystem
  • Identify and resolve network connectivity issues
  • Debug application issues
  • Identify and fix issues and assist Red Hat Support in resolving kernel issues
  • Practice and demonstrate knowledge and skills learned in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Course Outline
  • Introduction to troubleshooting
  • Take proactive steps to prevent to small issues
  • Troubleshoot boot issues 
  • Identify hardware issues 
  • Troubleshoot storage issues 
  • Troubleshoot RPM issues 
  • Troubleshoot network issues 
  • Troubleshoot application issues 
  • Deal with security issues 
  • Troubleshoot kernel issues
  • Red hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting comprehensive review
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