Cisco Continuing Education Program

The Cisco Continuing Education Program offers all certification holders flexible options to recertify by completing a variety of eligible Continuing Education items. Keep reading to learn more about Continuing Education options and to discover how you can maintain your certifications by doing the things that certified professionals already love to do.

Continuing Education principles

The Continuing Education program is intended to encourage candidates to maintain, grow, and diversify skillsets by offering flexible, configurable pathways to validate skills and recertify existing certifications. This will result in IT professionals bringing value to their organization and the industry by maintaining their status as a Cisco professional.


Cisco certified individuals can choose from multiple options to recertify in addition to passing relevant exam(s).


Multitude of pre-approved items, such as online courses, instructor led trainings, authoring content, Cisco Live trainings (collectively “CE Items”), that can be pursued to earn credits towards recertification.


Cisco diligently curates our CE item offerings, assigning proper credit value to approved CE items, and enforcing a rigorous validation process to ensure that the submitted credit items have been earned by the candidate.

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