Fast Lane is an Infoblox Authorized Training Center for Middle East, Turkey & Africa

Dubai, UAE – 16 February 2017 – Fast Lane Computer Consultancy, a major state of the art IT consultancy and training provider in the region, today announced a partnership with Infoblox Inc., the network security company, as its Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Middle East, Turkey & Africa.

“We are proud to be a part of the Infoblox Ecosystem. By partnering with Infoblox, we will be able to provide our customers with the knowledge and expertise required for today’s security challenges.” said Josef Miskulnig, Founder and CEO of Fast Lane. “We are completely focused on our customers’ needs, which is why our partnership with Infoblox is so important: Infoblox solutions deliver secure critical network services that assist organizations in preparation for the ever-changing threat landscape and to equip them for the worlds hunger for digitization. These services include automating complex network-control functions to reduce costs, increasing overall security, maximizing uptime, and more.  With the prolific growth of technological devices and the greater need for compliance, organizations have found it imperative to invest in robust network and security infrastructures.” He continued. “With our subject-matter experts and leading-edge resources we will enable individuals to gain the skills needed to successfully implement and manage Infoblox solutions.”

“Today more than ever, the need for compliance, agility and security remains high on the agenda of businesses of all shapes and sizes.” said Alexander Foroozande, Channel Director for Middle East, Turkey & Africa at Infoblox. “Infoblox continues to invest in key technologies such as NCCM (Network Change and Configuration Management) and Secure DNS/DHCP & IPAM markets to help customers and partners address the growing demand for Actionable Network Intelligence.”

Fast Lane is proud to offer Infoblox certification training in 3 locations: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Johannesburg, South Africa. Class schedules have been set through December 2017 for all three locations.  Fast Lane also offers flexible Onsite Delivery across all Middle East, Turkey and African countries on demand.

Fast Lane will primarily offer training on the Infoblox Network Automation platform through the Network Automation Basic Configuration (NABC) & CSS Scripting (NACS) courses that will allow students to implement, configure, maintain, and operate the Network Automation product.

Fast Lane will also deliver the Core DDI Basic track which will successfully allow Infoblox partners and end-users to manage, control, optimize, and troubleshoot DNS, DHCP, and other services. 

Anyone interested in registering for a class or obtaining more information may email or visit Fast Lane’s training webpage

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