Specialized Skills

Integrating New Technologies into IT Infrastructures

Integrated, IP-based Communication Solutions

Unified Communications Services

Enterprises can simplify network management, increase productivity, and reduce costs by linking different communications networks. Converging voice and data and information and communication networks opens a window to a variety of new applications, products, and services. But it also poses formidable challenges, particularly in terms of endowing qualified experts with the skills required to handle innovative communication solutions. Our consultants help companies develop trailblazing solutions enabling integrated voice, data and video communication in convergent networks. Our offering includes:

  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Designing convergent networks
  • Optimizing transmission quality
  • Selecting technology and products
  • Planning new services and applications


Security Services

Internal and external networks are growing rapidly. As the pace of growth picks up, enterprise networks become more vulnerable. It takes ever more sophisticated security concepts to safeguard information technology and communication infrastructures and minimize risks, particularly in networks with Internet access. In order to offer truly comprehensive protection, IT security management must extend beyond the network environment and databases, shielding every access point and fortifying all potential weak spots within an enterprise. Our security specialists team up with your company's experts to pinpoint security risks and propose potential technical and procedural improvements. Our offering includes:

  • Vulnerability testing (internal, external)
  • Developing and implementing security strategies
  • Implementing firewall solutions
  • Safeguarding intranet/extranet environments
  • Installing intrusion detection solutions
  • Improving electronic communication


Storage Networking Services

A smart SAN solution, implemented by professionals, can bring order to the chaos of server-based data storage, and it can enhance security. However, many people underestimate the complexity and effort involved in integrating different components. We can help you introduce intelligent storage solutions smoothly and prepare your IT people for the new technology. Our service offering includes:

  • Conducting feasibility studies (ROI analysis)
  • Planning and designing storage solutions
  • Selecting components
  • Consulting during the implementation phase
  • On-the-job training

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