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The Art of Effective Presentations



2 Days





What you'll will learn

What you’ll learn in this course

Whether speaking publicly or to a specific audience, your ability to build, develop and deliver a purposeful presentation is key to being able to convey your message and achieve your desired results. From open to close, it is crucial to learn the tools necessary to maintain engagement and to organize ideas to create coherent and convincing oral presentations.

In this course, you will learn strategies to structure and develop presentation content focused on audience need and key points, identifying the areas in which you are most polished, as well as picking up hints and tips to address any gaps.


Course Objectives

After completing this workshop, students will be able to:
• Understand what separates an effective presentation from an ineffective presentation.
• Design a proficient presentation geared toward their audience.
• Create powerful slides that enhance the address.

• Enhance their public speaking skills with tips and techniques used by professional gspeakers.
• Prepare mentally for their best performance.
• Engage their audience more effectively and with greater passion.

Course Outline


1 - Foundation, Structure, and Organization • Why a presentation • The difference between effective and ineffective presentations • Delivering passion and value • Structure determines success 2 - Creating the Basic Structure • Building the backbone • Capturing audience attention • Understanding your audience 3 - Organizing Your Program • Planning analog • Creating the topic outline • Fact-Finding

4 -Designing and Building Your Presentation. • Choosing proper content
• Building and writing Your presentation
• Slide design
5 - Delivering Your Presentation • Preparing mentally • Appearing confident in front of the crowd
6 - Engaging Your Audience from Start to Finish • Understanding and matching learning styles • Closing Your presentation and providing calls to action


Further information

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