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USD 2,900.00 excl. VAT

3 Days

PDF Outline

Who Should Attend

Networking and security professionals involved in the

administration and support of FortiWeb

What you will learn

Course Content

In this 3-day class, you will learn how to use FortiMail to protect your network from existing email-borne threats, as well as use FortiSandbox to detect and block emerging threats.
In interactive labs, you will explore FortiMail's role as a specialized device, and

how its features extend beyond FortiGate email filtering to provide both high-performance and in-depth security for business-critical communications.
You will analyze email security challenges that administrators of small business and carriers face, and learn where and how to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot FortiMail



• Basic understanding of TCP/IP networking and network security concepts

• Experience with SMTP, PKI, SSL/TLS, RADIUS, and LDAP is recommended


Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Position FortiMail in an existing or new email infrastructure using any of the flexible deployment modes
• Understand the system architecture of FortiMail: how email flows through its modules; how it applies intelligent routing and policies to email; and how it can protect the priceless reputation of your message transfer agent (MTA)
• Use your existing LDAP server to manage and authenticate users
• Secure email transmission using best-in-class technologies such as SMTPS, SMTP over TLS, and Identity Based Encryption
• Throttle client connections to block MTA abuse

• Block spam using sophisticated techniques such as deep header inspection, spam outbreak, heuristics, and the FortiGuard Antispam service
• Eliminate the spear phishing and zero-day viruses
• Integrate FortiMail with FortiSandbox for advanced threat protection
• Prevent accidental or intentional leaks of confidential and regulated data
• Archive email for compliance
• Deploy high availability (HA) and redundant infrastructure for maximum uptime of mission-critical email
• Diagnose common email and FortiMail-related issues


Course Outline


• Email concepts
• Basic setup
• Access Controls and Policies
• Authentication
• Session Management
• Antivirus and Content Inspection

• Antispam
• Securing Communications
• High Availability
• Server Mode
• Transparent Mode
• Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Further information
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Fortinet logo-new.jpg
Fortinet logo-new.jpg
Fortinet logo-new.jpg