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Implementing Cisco MPLS

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• Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification or equivalent level of working knowledge and experience
• Equivalent knowledge and skill that can be acquired by attending Cisco's training courses Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) and Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP). Practical experience with deploying and operating networks based on Cisco network devices and Cisco IOS is strongly recommended.

• The Implementing Cisco Quality of Service (QOS) course is highly recommended because QoS knowledge is assumed in several sections of the course.

What you'll will learn

What you’ll learn in this course


Course Objectives

Service providers (and enterprises acting as service providers) are faced with many challenges in terms of customer demand, including an ongoing need for value-added services. Conventional IP packet forwarding has several limitations, and more and more service providers realize that something else is needed.

Not only must service providers be concerned with protecting their existing infrastructure, but they must also find ways to generate new services that are not currently supportable using existing technologies.

Course Outline


Module 1: MPLS Features - 3 Lessons
Module 2: Label Assignment and Distribution - 3 Lessons
Module 3: Frame-Mode MPLS Implementation on Cisco IOS
Platforms - 4 Lessons
Module 4: MPLS Virtual Private Network Technology - 4 Lessons

Module 5: MPLS VPN Implementation - 8 Lessons
Module 6: Complex MPLS VPNs - 4 Lessons
Module 7: Internet Access and MPLS VPNs - 3 Lessons
Module 8: MPLS Traffic Engineering Overview - 4 Lessons

Further information

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