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Palo Alto
Palo Alto
Palo Alto
“Fast Lane is an Authorized Global Training Partner in cooperation with Consigas”.

“Fast Lane in cooperation with Consigas provides the following unique value with its training:

• Best Practices & Real Life Experience - all of our instructors are security consultants that design, implement, migrate, manage and support Palo Alto Networks solutions all day, every day. It’s this experience which they bring into the classroom to explain not only the theory but how to use the FireWall in real-life. Customers tell us that this is most valuable for them and what differentiates our training from most other training

• Dedicated Lab Access for 3 months – each student will have access to a dedicated lab not only during the course but for a full three months. Note: only one week of lab access is provided with the EDU-318, EDU-380 and EDU-238 courses, as these labs are provided by Palo Alto Networks.

• We are offering most of the training courses both in the classical full-day as well as in a half-day format. The half-day classes are specially tailored for IT professionals who cannot afford to leave the office for several days in a row. This format allows students to attend and fully focus on the course for a couple of hours and then catch up with their day-to-day job. The training content of both schedule formats is exactly the same. The only difference is that half-day classes distribute the course over a longer period of time”

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