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Designing HPE ARUBA Data Center Solutions

Aruba ATC


USD 3,200 excl. VAT

4 Days

What u will learn


It is strongly recommended that the candidate already:
• Holds the Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP) or

• Has taken Implementing ArubaOS-CX Switching, Rev. 20.21 or
• Has experience deploying HPE Aruba Networking solutions in an enterprise environment.

What you'll will learn

What you’ll learn in this course

This course helps architects to gain the skills required to design an HPE Aruba Networking Data Center switching solution. An architect is an IT
professional proficient in interpreting technical requirements to create and design secure, redundant, scalable, resilient, or high-performing infrastructure-consistent with appropriate validated solution guide per business needs. Architects are able to interpret complex requirements and
constraints to design an optimal HPE Aruba Networking solution.

Candidates for this course have vast technical knowledge of HPE Aruba Networking solutions and can articulate their business value to multiple stakeholders. These solutions may require a migration and/or deployment strategy from/into an existing
architecture. They need to understand the design implications of third-party interoperability (hardware/software). Additionally, candidates will have extensive experience building solutions and optimizing applications and workloads.


Course Objectives

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
• Interpret technical requirements
• Articulate the business value to multiple stakeholders

• Proficient in designing solutions that are secure, redundant, scalable and resilient
• Use your knowledge of the appropriate validated solution guide to meet the customer's
business needs

Course Outline


• Discovering Requirements
o Identify stakeholders and sponsors
o Understand the objectives
o Identify initial environment
o Collect information
• Analyze the Requirements
o Determine the possible high-level solutions
o Map the requirements into technical solutions
o Analyze requirements and constraints
o Document assumptions
o Determine the options to meet the business needs

• Architect the Solution
o Create preliminary solution
o Select the correct products
o Determine network segments and protocols for the design
o Design security for the network
o Validate that the design meets the original requirements
• Prepare and Present the Solution
o Create the design documentation
o Preset the solution
o Review the solution and modify as needed
o Deliver the completed solution

Further information


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Thanks for registering. our team will contact you soon !



Thanks for registering. our team will contact you soon !


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