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Cisco Video Infrastructure Implementation

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USD 3,450.00 excl. VAT

5 Days





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Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:
• Field engineers who implement and support products and applications

• Helpdesk personnel who support products and applications



• Working knowledge of basic IP networking

• Knowledge of video conferencing and streaming fundamentals

What you will learn

What you will Learn

This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement a complete Cisco TelePresence solution, including TelePresence endpoints, integration of premise with cloud solutions, meeting solutions,

and management software. It describes Cisco business TelePresence solutions and enables students to implement and troubleshoot basic and advanced TelePresence network solutions


Course Objectives

Upon completing this course student should be able to:
• Define Cisco Business TelePresence Solutions components and architectures
• Implement Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (Expressway) for basic and advanced video networks

• Implement Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS)
• Configure Cisco Meeting Server Features
• Define integration of Cisco Collaboration Premise Solutions with Cisco Cloud, including Cisco Spark, Cisco Spark Hybrid, and WebEx


Course Outline

Module 1: Advanced Cisco Expressway Features
• Lesson 1-1: Introducing Cisco Video Network Solutions
• Lesson 1-2: Exploring Cisco Expressway Basic Setup
• Lesson 1-3: Explaining Regular Expressions in a Cisco Expressway
• Lesson 1-4: Deploying Components of Cisco Expressway Security
• Lesson 1-5: Exploring the Fundamentals of Subzones on a Cisco Expressway
• Lesson 1-6: Administering Call Control on a Cisco Expressway
• Lesson 1-7: Implementing Subzone Bandwidth Management on a Cisco
• Expressway Lesson 1-8: Implementing Zones on a Cisco Expressway
• Lesson 1-9: Exploring Clustering on the Cisco Expressway
• Lesson 1-10: Applying Troubleshooting on the Cisco Expressway
Module 2: Advanced Cisco Meeting Server Features
• Lesson 2-1: Introducing the Cisco Meeting Server
• Lesson 2-2: Exploring Cisco Meeting Server API Configuration
• Lesson 2-3: Exploring Cisco Meeting Server Resilient and Scalable Deployments
• Lesson 2-4: Exploring Additional Features with Cisco Meeting Server
• Lesson 2-5: Module Self-Check
• Lesson 2-6: Appendix
Module 3: Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room Solutions with Cisco TelePresence
• Lesson 3-1: Introducing Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room Cloud, Premises, and Hybrid Products
• Lesson 3-2: Deploying the Cisco TelePresence Server and Cisco TelePresence Conductor
• Lesson 3-3: Applying Troubleshooting to Cisco CMR Premises Solutions
• Lesson 3-4: Module Self-Check

Module 4: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Solution
• Lesson 4-1: Explaining Cisco TMS Installation
• Lesson 4-2: Describing Cisco TMS Operation
• Lesson 4-3: Explaining Cisco TMS Conference Scheduling and Management
• Lesson 4-4: Configuring Permissions on Cisco TMS for Administration
• Lesson 4-5: Applying Troubleshooting to Cisco TMS
• Lesson 4-6: Module Self-Check
Module 5: Cisco Cloud Solutions – WebEx and Spark
• Lesson 5-1: Introducing Cisco WebEx and Cisco Spark Cloud Solutions
• Lesson 5-2: Exploring Cisco Spark Administration Configuration
• Lesson 5-3: Deploying Cisco Spark Hybrid Services
• Lesson 5-4: Exploring Cisco Spark APIs and BOTs Configuration
• Lesson 5-5: Module Self-Check
Module 6: Cisco Telepresence Content Server (Optional Module)
• Lesson 6-1: Examining Cisco TCS Operation and Configuration


Further information
If you would like to know more about this course please contact us

Cisco Learning Partner Logo_2021_edited.png
Cisco Learning Partner Logo_2021_edited.png
Cisco Learning Partner Logo_2021_edited.png

Thanks for registering. our team will contact you soon !



Thanks for registering. our team will contact you soon !



Thanks for registering. our team will contact you soon !


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