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Zero Trust Access


Zero Trust Access

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You must have an understanding of the topics covered in the following courses, or have equivalent experience:

FCP - FortiGate Security
FCP - FortiGate Infrastructure
FCP - FortiClient EMS

FCP - FortiAnalyzer
FCP - FortiAuthenticator
FCP - FortiNAC

What you'll will learn

What you’ll learn in this course

In this course, you will learn how to define, design, deploy, and manage Zero Trust Access (ZTA) using different Fortinet solutions. You will also learn how to configure FortiGate,

FortiClient EMS, FortiAuthenticator, FortiNAC, and FortiAnalyzer to secure network and application access, monitor ZTA enforcement, and automate incident response.


Course Objectives

Understand ZTA architecture and the problems it solves
Identify and review technology components required for ZTA enforcement
Identify zero trust network access (ZTNA) as a component of ZTA
Configure captive portal and agents for securely onboarding devices to the corporate, guest, and BYOD networks
Configure security policies for onboarding and compliance, and provide dynamic access based on configured criteria

Configure FortiGate ZTNA with tagging rules for dynamic groups and securing application access
Configure endpoint posture and compliance checks, and monitor the status of connected endpoints
Explain the role of a centralized logging platform (FortiAnalyzer)
Explore remediation options to automate incident response for both on-net and off-net devices

Course Outline


ZTA Overview
ZTA Components
Securing Network Access With FortiNAC

Configure ZTNA for Secure Application Access
Expanding Secure Access With Endpoint Posture and Compliance Checks
Monitoring ZTA Enforcement and Responding to Incidents

PDF Outline

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