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Constructive Conflict Management



2 Days





What you'll will learn

What you’ll learn in this course

In this course, students will learn to recognize the warning signs that precede quarrels and
how to mitigate their impact, as well as constructive ways to harness the differences between
team members and shift them toward productive, positive outcomes.

This course may earn a
Credly Badge.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will know how to:
• Identify and manage sources of conflict
• Define an effective strategy to deal with conflict

• Implement a process to manage conflict situations
• Build civility in the workplace

Course Outline


1 - Understanding conflict
• Identifying the Causes of Conflict
• Harnessing the Benefits of Conflict
• Resolving Conflict
• Understanding the Key People in Conflict Resolution
2 - Civility in the Workplace
• Recognizing Uncivil Behavior
• Reaping the Benefits of Civil Behavior
• Working with Difficult People
• Identifying and Avoiding Incivility
• Creating, Implementing, and Enforcing a Civility Policy

3 - Conflict Resolution Process
• Making an Effective Atmosphere
• Developing Mutual Understanding
• Focusing on individual and Shared Needs
• Getting to the Root Cause
• Generating Options
• Building a Solution
4 - Conflict Resolution Strategies
• Differentiating Resolution Strategy Versus Process
• Recognizing the Advantages and Disadvantages to Collaborating, Competing,
Compromising, and Avoiding


Further information

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