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Critical Facilitation Skills for Leaders



2 Days





What you'll will learn

What you’ll learn in this course

Students will learn how to develop and apply facilitation techniques to support their team at
every stage of the team life cycle. Students will enhance their interpersonal competencies
and observational abilities to deal with disruptions and more.

This course may earn a
Credly Badge.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will know how to:
• Apply techniques to encourage participation and reach consensus
• Utilize facilitative questioning techniques
• Recognize indicators to facilitate each stage of the team process

• Deal constructively with disruptions and typical problem behavior
• Implement interventions appropriately
• Plan and run a focused discussion, meeting or event

Course Outline


1 - The Importance of Facilitation
• Being an Effective Facilitator
• Harnessing Knowledge, Experience, and Diversity
• Encouraging Group Motivation and Commitment
• Observing the Team Process
2 - Facilitating Process and Content
• Identifying Process and Content Elements
• Managing the Flow
• Resolving Tensions and Disagreement

3 - Setting the Stage for Facilitation
• Laying the Groundwork,
• Educating Participants, and Securing Support
• Selecting the Right Facilitator
• Planning for a Facilitated Meeting
4 - Facilitating Team Development
• Encouraging Participation
• Recognizing Stages in the Team Life Cycle
• Supporting the Team through the Stages


Further information

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