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Developing Successful Interpersonal Skills



3 Days





What you'll will learn

What you’ll learn in this course

This course will prepare students for the collaborative situations inherent in every facet of
business, whether working with colleagues, partners, vendors, or clients.

This course may
earn a Credly Badge.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will know how to:
• Recognize the difference between hearing and listening
• Enhance interpersonal relationships through the use of verbal and non-verbal
• Apply techniques to move towards high quality conversation
• Create a positive impression through a powerful introduction

• Influence others through sharing perspectives and opinions constructively
• Use logic and emotion to persuade and collaborate
• Identify ways of sharing thoughts and opinions constructively
• Prepare for and conduct simple negotiations

Course Outline


1 - The Importance of Interpersonal Skills
2 - Verbal Communication Techniques
• Hearing versus Actively Listening
• Connecting with Powerful Communication
3 - Non-Verbal Communication
• Understanding the Elements of Vocal Delivery
• Interpreting and Applying Body Language
• Building Self-Awareness
4 - Creating a Powerful First Impression
• Creating a Powerful Introduction
• Cultivating Your Impact
5 - The Art of Conversation
• Mastering the 4 Levels of a Conversation
• Moving a Conversation Along
• Applying Tools for Deepening Conversation
6 - Influence and Persuasion
• Influencing Others
• Seeing the Other Side
• Building Bridges
• Extending Your Influence

7 - Interacting Positively
• Applying Logic and Owning Emotions
• Disagreeing Constructively
• Bringing People to Your Side
• Building Consensus
8 - Negotiation Basics
• Planning for Negotiation
• Managing the 4 Stages of Negotiation
• Arriving at an Agreement


Further information

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