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Leading Change in a Complex World



2 Days





What you'll will learn

What you’ll learn in this course

Change is both inevitable and necessary, yet potentially disruptive. Leading change efforts
requires building credibility, communicating effectively, developing trust, making decisions,
and demonstrating confidence.

This course will help you to cultivate the leadership skills that
you need to influence others and guide them through times of change. This course may earn
a Credly Badge.


Course Objectives

• Learn to thrive in a volatile and changing world
• Build employee engagement in a precarious work environment
• Leverage fundamental values to build a better workplace

• Develop a culture of change
• Plan a path to the future

Course Outline


1 - Building a Sustainable Organization
• Seeing the Need for a New Type of Leadership
• Choosing to Be an Authentic Leader
• Rebuilding Confidence
• Decentralizing Power
2 - Values and Engagement in a New Reality
• Engaging in the 21st Century
• Measuring Employee Engagement
• Developing Highly Engaged Employees
• Tapping into Discretionary Energy
• Embracing Differences
• Building a Sustainable Organization
• Integrating Engagement into Your Culture
• Building a Passion for Excellence
• Inspiring Trust
• Reaping the Benefits of Trust

3 - Making Change the New Normal
• Facing Complexities
• Navigating Fluid Environments
• Harnessing the Power of Change
• Applying Intuition
• Creating Profound and Sustainable Change
• Understanding the Phases of Change
• Engaging Stakeholders
• Leading Through the Transition. 4 - Planning for the Road Ahead
• Managing Issues of the 21st Century
• Working Within the New Cultural Reality
• Avoiding Traps and Pitfalls
• Challenging How Teams Are Managed
• Building a Vision
• Managing with Purpose


Further information

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